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"Impossible" Lyric Video!!!

Hey friends,

It is a big, messy, emotional day over here... I can hardly believe that it is release day for my single Impossible".  More thoughts on that in the days to come.  But for is my Lyric Video…

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Release of "Letters to Ben" is COMING SOON!!!

Wow...this post has been a LONG TIME COMING!!!!

I really truly thought all this would happen a whole lot sooner when I began the process of recording this music nearly a year ago.  But, I believe that things happen when…

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Learning to Let Go

Oh friends. I sit here exhausted on a Friday evening, working away on my hopefully soon to be released project, wishing things were different.  

I wish this pandemic rollercoaster ride would stop.  I wish I could just see my family…

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The Importance of Self Talk

I have learned a lot over the last few years as I have jumped into the world of being an independent artist.  I've learned about the music business, the creative process, and my own capacity.  I have learned that there…

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The Time is Right

Hello friends!

I hope you have been well and not going too crazy with the changes we have all been experiencing in the world!  

I began the process of making "Letters to Ben" quite a while ago now, and I…

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On August 11th...

On august 11th I went camping.  It was my first time going out alone.  I have camped quite a bit, but have never been brave enough to go on my own.  In the absence of having a partner or friends…

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An Overwhelming Myriad of Emotions

As children, we are raised thinking we can only feel one thing at a time.  If you ask a child "how are you?" they will inevitably give you a one word answer.  Good.  Bad.  Hungry.

If you ask an adult…

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Well, hello there!  

My name is Sara-Mae, and you might be wondering who Ben is and why I am writing him letters!  

I am still figuring out the best way to share this crazy story.  There is a lot to…

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