Chapter 15 - the Letters to Ben Story

If you are here reading this last chapter, I know it is because you have been following along and reading along the way.  I am pretty blown away by how many people have been reading, and completely touched by all

Chapter 14 - the Letters to Ben Story

I don’t remember exactly when, but at some point, years ago I started to write letters to people when I had something difficult to say, or to process my thoughts and emotions in a safe and private way.  The letters…


Chapter 13 - the Letters to Ben Story

Thanks so much for reading my story.  I am honoured to know how many of you have spent time checking in and reading each week.  Thank you also for your kind comments and messages.  I am working on some things

Chapter 12 - the Letters to Ben Story

Oh friends...preparing this chapter has got me feeling all the feels... even though this is my own real life story, I still can't quite believe that all of this actually happened.  I hope you have had the chance to read


Chapter 11 - the Letters to Ben Story

Hello, somehow I'm still going and this story isn't quite over yet!  Thanks for reading along and for all the love and support.  Be sure to catch up on the first 10 chapters if you haven't already! 

It was so…


Chapter 10 - the Letters to Ben Story

Thank you for sticking with me through this crazy story, friends.  I know some of it is hard to read (and was hard to write, and even harder to share) and I hope above all that it connects us.  Each

Chapter 9 - the Letters to Ben Story

I am so immensely grateful for the love and compassion I have received since last week's post.  It was a very difficult chapter to share.  I hope you will continue to read along with me...the story is not over yet!

Chapter 8 - the Letters to Ben Story

Ben and I had certainly grown apart and I was trying to let my heart move on.  There were still many lonely days and nights that I found myself thinking of him and wishing it could all work out.  We…

Letters to Ben MERCH is available NOW!!!

Friends!!!  I am so excited to share the news that I am now offering beautiful "Letters to Ben" shirts for sale!  These shirts feature the art I designed for the album cover.  Some feature just the logo, and some have…

Chapter 6 - the Letters to Ben Story

Sorry/not sorry...I had the best of intentions to get this Chapter posted earlier.  But I realized that the Canadian Women's Soccer Team was battling for the Olympic Gold and just had to watch!  So here we are...

If you have


Chapter 5 - the Letters to Ben Story

Hello friends!  It took me a cup of coffee to realize that it was Friday and I needed to post the next Chapter!  Thanks so much for your comments and messages...keep 'em coming!  It means a lot that you are