The Time is Right

Hello friends!

I hope you have been well and not going too crazy with the changes we have all been experiencing in the world!  

I began the process of making "Letters to Ben" quite a while ago now, and I did not expect that it would take this long.  Since this was a shorter project than my first two (only 5 songs, compared to 9 and 10) I had it in my head that things would move faster.  I suppose they could have moved faster... but they didn't.  And that is ok.  

As you may know, I am an elementary school music teacher.  This school year has obviously presented some unique challenges and has not been easy.  I definitely have not had much energy left in the tank by the end of my teaching week.  Time that I might normally spend working on my music stuff has been focused on resting, recovering and just trying to function.  I look back and wonder how on earth I used to manage all the "extra" stuff in my schedule.  I know I am not alone in feeling this way.  Everyone I talk to shares similar thoughts about this season.  

Even so, I can feel that it is time.  It is time to finish this project and get it out into the world.  I don't know why it needs to be now, and why I couldn't seem to find the energy or motivation to finish it up 6 months ago, but there must be a reason.  Even if that reason was just that I needed to learn to give myself a break and rest.  There is quite a bit of work to done, but I am jumping back into the project with all the energy I can muster and hope to have a release date to let you know about soon.

We have all been through a lot in the last year.  Even if you have not personally been ill, or lost someone, even if your job has stayed the same, or other things on paper haven't changed....our world has changed.  There is a collective loss and grief that we have all been dealing with, even if we haven't known it.  These songs are all about loss and grief and hopes not realized.  I hope that they will be timely when they are ready to be released into the world.  

Much love,



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