Release of "Letters to Ben" is COMING SOON!!!

Wow...this post has been a LONG TIME COMING!!!!

I really truly thought all this would happen a whole lot sooner when I began the process of recording this music nearly a year ago.  But, I believe that things happen when they are meant to, so here we are! 

"Letters to Ben" will be released on all major platforms on FRIDAY, JUNE 25th!!!! Just 4 weeks away!  

I also have a small number of CDs that will be available for purchase soon, for you old-fashioned types (like me....I still love CDs!!!).

I am so grateful for any and all support, so please follow me on social media, subscribe on youtube, and follow me on Spotify.  All of those things really do help!  

Thanks for your support, and I can't wait for you to hear "Letters to Ben"! 

💚 S

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